The encendedor de plasma is a lighter bought on-line for around $56. The lighter calls itself “the maximum innovative, USB encendedor recargable within the global.”

Standard lighters use butane to power the unit. The encendedor de plasma does no longer. As a substitute, the lighter creates two intersecting beams of electricity across the center, allowing you to spark up without being tormented by the wind or different elements.

The creators of Plazma Lighter call their device a healthier answer than traditional lighters. They cite observe in Britain wherein 52% of all abused solvent chemical-associated deaths had been associated with butane.

Is the encendedor de plasma a safer, advanced option to a general butane lighter? Allow’s take a better take a look at how the lighter works.



How Does the Plazma Lighter work?

Human beings have created all types of fancy phrases for these lighters. However all of them paintings the identical manner.

The era behind these lighters is sincerely the same fundamental principle as a Taser. If you put your finger among the electrical currents, you may get a painful shock.

You can discover digital lighters offered online thru Amazon for underneath $20 – which makes the $56 charge tag on the Plazma Lighter appear pretty excessive.

To apply the encendedor de plasma, and maximum other digital lighters, you just press a button on the facet of the lighter. There’s simplest one button – so it’s difficult to overlook.

When you need to recharge your lighter, you just plug it right into a USB port using the covered USB cable.

The creators of encendedor de plasma offer very few info at their legitimate website. We recognize not anything approximately the tech specs, as an example. However, other digital lighters can be charged and discharged four hundred instances. Each rate is enough for lights up approximately 80 cigarettes.